From scrumptious cakes and rich Halwajat to mouthwatering Pakistani Sweets and Savory Nimkoz, we bake and cake pretty all things delicious. With every product that we sell, comes the guarantee of not just great taste but also fresh ingredients and quality service. Although we pride ourselves in our long held legacy, we still endeavor each day to better our services and define every satisfied client as a milestone in our journey to the summits of success

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Our Services

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Special Halwajaat

Rich, regal and with a taste that lingers, Halwajat are South Asia’s favorite traditional delicacy and come in a variety of colours and textures. Dilpasand’s Halwajat feature mouthwatering traditional delicacies by the likes of Badampak, Baklava and Sohanhalwa; amongst others.

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Be it Gulab-jamun, Barfi or a laddu, mithais are a staple at every Pakistani dawat, religious festival or a celebration and Dilpasand’s range of sweets is the holy-grail of all Pakistani confectionaries.

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From spicy to salty and pleasantly aromatic, Dilpasand’s range of nimkos are Pakistan’s go-to snack. Our roasted savory treats are made with the highest quality herbs and spices that will entice your senses and leave you with a longing for more.

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Bakery Items

Dilpasand’s freshly baked goods are just what you need to add tasteful joy to your parties! May it be cakes, pastries, brownies or cupcakes, our baked goodies are made with the highest quality ingredients and are lovely a fit for every occasion.

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Packaging Items

We also think of your loved ones, may they be near or far! Dilpasand’s range of Packaging Items include a variety of gift boxes, Canned Sweets, Canned Dry Fruits, Decorated Tokras and other such products that are spill proof and make great gifts!

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Dilpasand Special Items

Dilpasand’s Special Items feature a range of mouthwatering products going from cold and sweet to hot and savory. Our Special items include Dilpasand Faluda, Rasmalai, Ice Cream, Qeema Kachori, Daal Kachori and Soft drinks amongst others.

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Our Amazing Clients

It is not a vendor-customer relationship. It is a true partnership.